As a full-service design agency, we are at the forefront of innovation
to make entrepreneurial clients successful.

Client cases

Prowise | MOVE Camera
Fancom | eYegrow pig weighing system
Alfen | Eve Single S- and Pro-line
Nexans | XGigaSwitch DICE
Twickto | Construction toys
Ellips | MSI4
Menz & Gasser | JAM in JAR
Roland Corporation | LX700 Series
Pal-V | Liberty Pioneers Edition
Royal Talens | Ecoline
Houweling | Brand Identity
Summox | One
Vrumona | Rivella packaging design
Eurocoin Gaming | Onyx
Gemeente Helmond | Red castles


Smart data project

Binnen GBO Innovation makers is Erik Scheepers verantwoordelijk voor alle productieprojecten. Omdat wij zowel producten vormgeven, technisch ontwikkelen en compleet kunnen leveren is er


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Why GBO Innovation makers

Who are we?